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About Us


I'm Gordon, the owner, IT, HR, lone holster maker and jack of all trades at Paradise Valley Leather.  I'm a one man show!

I spent just over 16 years in the Army Reserve and National Guard with quite a few of those years a full time employee for the Army.  Last year I knew some changes were needed in life so I got out of the Army and resigned my full time job to take a different path in life.  Over the past few years that path kept pointing toward doing something as an entrepreneur and business owner. I have looked at starting or purchasing many different businesses, and this last winter I connected with Chris at Clark Fork Leather.

Some of you may have dealt with Chris, some may not have.  Chris spent the last few years designing, perfecting and building Clark Fork Leather, but he wanted to move on to different adventures while at the same time making sure that he gave what he had built the best chance at thriving with someone else.  Before he would agree to sell his business to me, I had to work with him, and I did. Since I was moving the business to a different part of Montana and wouldn't be near the Clark Fork, I renamed it I would say the rest is history, but it is still in the making.

Paradise Valley Leather allows me to fill that entrepreneurial drive that I have know was there for many years.  A blend of technology and hands on skill is used daily to make it all go.  I work out of my home about 10 miles south of Livingston Montana with my wife, 2 kids, English Mastiff, 4 goats, a bunch of chickens and a hive a bees. 

I enjoy "going" to work every day and even though my product is a holster, customers are key and building relationships is imperative.  Being able to have a happy customer with a great product at a good value is important to me. 

These aren't just a drop ship item that I am re-branding and sending out the door.  Every holster ordered is individually made by me.  all of the patterns are unique.  They were either designed at Clark Fork Leather or by me.  

If you've read this far your probably passionate about your firearms, and so am I.  My goal is to make every customer happy and only provide goods and services that I would enjoy receiving myself. 

I look forward to making you a holster.



Owner/Operator/HR/IT/Holster Maker
Paradise Valley Leather
Livingston, MT