About Us


My name is Brandon and welcome to Paradise Valley Leather! My girlfriend Molly and I craft leather holsters for gun enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers around the country. Yes we work together and actually get along, there is something to be said about pursuing your dreams together!

As for me(Brandon), I grew up an outdoorsman, pursuing my main passions through hunting and fishing. As a child, I grew up in an entrepreneurial environment and for a long time have known that corporate life will never be for me. I appreciate the work and challenges that come with small businesses and having the opportunity to build hand crafted products in a field that means something to me is everything. 

And I'm Molly, I am the handy one! I grew up on a farm raising hogs and cattle while also spending time on concrete job sites with my dad and working on cars in my papas auto body shop. My Papa taught me how to shoot my first shotgun and sparked my interest in guns and hunting. We would go duck hunting together, but my favorite was when we would shoot pigeons out of his shop door to eat for lunch. I have been a craftsman my whole life, to be able to spend every day in the shop building custom holsters has been a dream.

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Here is a better understanding of our story. Chris at Clark Fork Leather started the business making and designing leather holsters in his garage in western Montana many years ago. Years later, Gordon took over and moved the business to Livingston Montana. My girlfriend and I had the honor of growing a friendship with Gordon and his family. We had a lot of laughs and memories at the shop. After six months of training, we have relocated down the road in Montana. Curious about our products? New reviews are posted often so feel free to check them out! Paradise Valley leather was built by craftsman, from Chris to Gordon and now Molly and I, our customers can expect high quality leather work from our products. We use the same processes and always find ways to improve our products for our end users. 

All of our holsters are made from Scratch. We do not start cutting any leather until we receive your order. This is not high volume manufacturing, each step of our process gets reviewed by us, not a machine. When you buy your holster, you can expect that hours of work has gone into creating something that you can use in the field and can last you generations. We stand behind every purchase and do not send anything out unless it is work we are proud of.

We plan to grow our brand and community at the same time, bringing high quality relevant products and content to a community we have shared interests in. Want to discuss further? Feel free to give us a call at 406-333-1790!

We look forward to taking care of you,

Brandon, Molly and our dog Jordy
Paradise Valley Leather