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Is my holster supposed to be this tight?

Yes. It's very common for our holsters to come to you very tight The leather will stretch as it breaks in,

and it will fit properly. You can check out our article about breaking in leather holster here.


Can you make a holster for my gun with a light I laser?

Other than the S&W Bodyguard 380 With factory laser, No. All our holsters use the area in front of the

trigger guard to stop the gun in the holster, so a light or laser mounted on the rail Interferes With the

holster. Grip mounted lasers generally work With this design, but let us know to make clearance for it.


Can you make this holster with an optic mounted on my handgun?

No, sorry but none of our designs work with an optic mounted on the gun.


Can I buy one harness and use it with multiple holsters?

We've had requests to offer the harness system and holsters separately, but to be honest with you it's not

really necessary. The synthetic webbing In our regular chest holster costs very little to make and the

holster is the expensive pan, so it's not going to really save you much money, but IS gong to be more

trouble with having to swap harnesses (It IS possible, but takes a bit of work). The synthetic harnesses are

actually more comfortable to wear than the leather straps.


Is this chest holster holster good for concealed carry?

Not exactly. It could be concealable when a shirt is worn under them and a jacket is

worn above (Which seams about 6 months out of the year In Montana), but the rest of the year,

your best bet is something inside the waistband. These holsters are primarily designed for field use, but

they are handy to have with you around the camp as well.


Can you adjust the cant on my chest holster?

In some cases we do have the ability to make a chest holster with more or less cant t depends on the

length of your gun. For the long guns we can make t have any cant you want, but we're limited on the

shorter guns. If you're after a certain cant, send me an email and I will take a look at our options.


Can you line my holster with something so it is soft on the gun?

We use leather that is "pasted" on the back Side, so it is as soft as suede, but much more durable than a

lined holster.


Can I carry my gun "Cocked and Locked" ?

Only if it doesn't have a hammer.  Unfortunately, all of our thumb breaks are made for carry with the hammer all the way down. If this

won't work for you, we can always leave the thumb break off, but we can not mold It for a hammer back carry.