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Leather Chest Holster for Semi Autos

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Leather Chest Holster for Semi Autos

Fits sizes Small to XXXL in the same harness. Need larger than that? Just let us know in "order comments" at check out.


The holster you're looking at is our Leather Chest Holster. It is made with very thick and sturdy leather and it is made for years of use. It is a true "Woods Carry" holster that is best used when you don't want a gun on your hip, but you want quick access to it. Best uses include hunting, backpacking, fishing with waders on, and other backcountry adventures. I developed this holster when i didn't like the other options for carrying a gun and wearing a backpack. The other well known maker of chest holsters doesn't have a thumb break for quick access, and i also didn't like how close together the straps attached to the holster, making it bounce around when i moved. This holster fixed both of those problems and, because of the nylon webbing, we where able to make this holster for much less money. Speaking of the nylon harness, it actually functions better than the leather harness. We've made and used the leather harnesses, but prefer the regular nylon webbing ones. Why? you ask. Because it's easier to adjust around layers of clothing, and it's more comfortable under a backpack strap. It also folds up into a small space so i can store it in my backpack or glovebox. Leather harnesses are too big and bulky for this, but the nylon is perfect. This holster is molded to your gun, so it will require some breaking in. It is designed to be very loose in the holster once broken in, so it draws smoothly when the thumb break comes off, but is very secure with it on.

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    Chest Holster For Semi Auto.

    Posted by Wade W. GRUBICH on Dec 26th 2018

    Great product.

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    I chose an excellent chest holster

    Posted by H Mark Macha on Dec 25th 2018

    DESIGN - a well conceived holster. Rotational attach points enable adjustments without offset tugging such as with cut slots for straps. Removable attach points allow replacing strap "D" rings as needed or desired. Shallow curve "D" rings keep attach straps from curling. Attach-point straps/belts made of nylon webbing which do not drag clothing and readily fit body contour.
    MATERIALS - heavy thick leather holster body, stiff providing support for the firearm to the chest. Similar thick leather attach point loops for "D" rings.
    CRAFTSMANSHIP - Excellent attention to detail. Perfect stitch work. Excellent molding to pistol shape. A no-drag front/rear sight channel. Uniform leather color.
    OTHER - the nylon strap/belts are flexible with enough width to support weight and a bonus of easy deployment to the body and easy stowing when done. The straps wrap around the holster into a tidy package which can be efficiently stored and retrieved.
    THE PERSON - the owner listened and worked with me to meet my needs. His was not a cookie-cutter approach though for most cases that works just fine.
    VALUE - I checked alternate products. I now have Paradise Valley holsters for two different firearms and plan for a third.
    OVERALL - This is a field thing for me not for the safe shooting range visit. I have confidence this holster will work on the ground, with pack, camera, or rifle and for vehicle travel if needed.

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    Leather Chest Holster For Semi Autos

    Posted by Gordon Skinner on Dec 12th 2018

    Quality holster made to last a life time. This holster is one of the best made holsters I have ever purchased. My 1911 fits snug with no play to move around, even after I break it in for awhile it will still secure the gun very well. The harness is also well made and is very comfortable to wear with the shoulder pad added. If your looking for a high quality, well made, easy on and off, and comfortable chest holster you can’t get much better in my opinion.

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    leather chest holster

    Posted by Michael Abshure on Dec 2nd 2018

    Great quality product with real workmanship. Beautiful finished product. I suggest ordering the shoulder pad as well. I did not, but after wearing it a few days at deer camp I went back and added it. The shoulder pad makes the holster much more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Both are fine products and I will be ordering a second set soon for my Sig. Thank you Gordon.

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    Leather Chest Holster for Semi Autos

    Posted by John Madron on Nov 28th 2018

    Very nice and well made holster for my Glock Model 20. Very comfortable and very easy to put on. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    chest Holster

    Posted by Eric Maloney on Nov 26th 2018

    Great product built to my specifications. They went above and beyond and there customer service is first rate. Highly recommend paradise valley leather!!!

  • 5
    Leather chest holster Glock 20

    Posted by Kenneth Brumbaugh on Nov 21st 2018

    Excellent craftsmanship and fit! Do not think you can beat the price for the quality you receive. Definitely worth the short wait! I plan on making more purchases from Gordon. Well done!!

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    leather chest holster

    Posted by Joe Horne on Sep 25th 2018

    I have trouble drawing the pistol with my bino's on. I am moving the anchor point to the lower tab to create a more horizontal drawing angle. This position also allows for a more comfortable angle on my wrist instead of pulling in such an upward move.

  • 5
    Leather Chest Holster

    Posted by Roger on Sep 6th 2018

    Bought this for my SW 9mm Shield. The craftsmanship was excellent! The fit and comfort while wearing it was really better than I thought it would be. I would recommend this to anyone who hunts with a backpack, or fly fishes using a vest.